Massages Omschrijving

The massages we provide are professional massages and are specially addressed to the woman and the couples. Our massages don’t have any erotic connotation.

Traditional Tibetan Relax Massage

The traditional Tibetan massage (Ku Nye) has been practiced for thousands of years in Tibet and the Himalayan region of Asia as an integral part of Tibetan Medicine.

This massage is beneficial as a stand-alone treatment as well as a preventative measure against illnesses and a supportive treatment in conjunction with other modalities. It is an excellent way to relax and promote general health and well-being.

Since ancient times in Tibet, it has been believed that Ku Nye aids in longevity by clearing and sharpening the sensory organs while supporting the function of the internal organs.

Tibetan Singing Bowl massage

Through the vibrations and sounds created by the Tibetan singing bowl, you will get some peace and well-being in your body. Sound massage therapy can provide you lots of advantages as direct relaxation and relief from stress.

Sound massage and singing bowls also improve mental clarity, increase physical energy, provides relief of muscle tension, improves emotional stability and enhanced creativity.

Japanese massage (Shiatsu)

Shiatsu in Japanese means "finger pressure"; it is a type of alternative medicine consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques. Shiatsu will help you to relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression.

Nerves and acupuncture points massage

Acupressure is a technique similar in principle to acupuncture without needles. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians. Pressure may be applied by hand, by elbow, or with various devices.

Tibetan Yoga

Tibetan Yoga enhance the mobility and flexibility of your body and helps to improve the digestive system.

Foot massage

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries to promote health and well-being. The foot massage relieves fatigue and leaves leg mscles and the body in tone. It stimulates not only the muscles, which are directly rubbed, but also gives a positive effect on the whole body.

Couple Massage

The couple massage is delivered by two practitioners in the same room. So the couple can enjoy the massage while staying in visual contact during the therapy.

Gift Voucher

We can also deliver a gift voucher for the massage of your choice.

Tibetan Health center - Massage Bruxelles
Tibetan Health center - Massage Bruxelles
Tibetan Health center - Massage Bruxelles